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I’m just saying, I think we all know who the best Jaeger pilot team would be.image




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someone is going to say “i have to go to the moon” in a bored, defeated tone one day

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When you’re at the pool lounging on a beach chair and some little kids are running and the lifeguard screams out “no running” do you respond “excuse me, not all of us are running”? No, you don’t. The lifeguard didn’t have to specifically state who they were talking to because you’re intelligent enough to comprehend that the comment wasn’t being directed at you.

Found a quote that shuts down that “not all men” argument pretty well. (via mykicks)

AHaha. haaaa. hh.

(via thefeministbookclub)

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this is my linen closet, *shows you some towels*
and this is my lenin closet *shows you communist propaganda*

#Bed Bath and Bolsheviks

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What's happening in Hong Kong?


  • The protests are being held in order to achieve universal suffrage in Hong Kong. Although democracy had been promised for 2017 in 2008, China announced this August that Hong Kong people would only be able to vote from a pool of 2-3 specially selected candidates (all of whom would definitely have…
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S10 Countdown: 25 days - or
Well the heart that hurts is a heart that beats - U2/One step closer - SPN S10 Promo {x}